About Us

Baking Industry Training Australia (BITA) (RTO 31200) is a fully Registered Training Organisation (RTO) specialising in the delivery of nationally accredited baking apprenticeships via flexible training solutions throughout Queensland and New South Wales. Our organisation has trained more than 2,500 apprentices in the science of baking over the past 17 years. Baking Industry Training Australia is an industry-owned RTO, operated in conjunction with the National Baking Industry Association by a team of extensively experienced professionals.

BITA offers Certificate III in Cake and Pastry (FBP30421), Certificate III in Bread Baking (FBP30421), and Certificate III in Baking (FBP 30521) qualifications throughout Queensland and New South Wales via on/off-site flexible training. In Queensland, BITA also offers a Recognition of Prior Learning Program (RPL).

Apprentices and their employers benefit from the flexible training delivery mode adopted by Baking Industry Training Australia. Apprentices receive on-the-job training from their qualified supervisor along with regular visits from our trainers. Over the course of the apprenticeship when a unit can not be completed in the workplace the apprentice attends a week of block training with a BITA trainer at the BITA kitchen located in Morningside, Queensland.

The BITA Training Kitchen is located in Morningside, Queensland and is well stocked with high-quality ingredients and top-of-the-range machinery and equipment including prover retarders, pastry sheeters, spiral planetary mixers, a variety of ovens, and more.

BITA is recognised by the Australian Baking Industry as a deliverer of high-quality professional training that drives the future of the baking industry. Our programs are delivered under the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) and are designed to meet the needs of the apprentice, employer, and industry. Our courses are nationally accredited and specifically tailored to equip graduates for a successful career in the baking industry.

Baking Industry Training Australia Training Facility

Our trainers, Martin Schett, Chris Hurford, Rodney Stanaway, and Allan Hodges have extensive industry experience and are highly qualified. Each with their own skill set they provide a comprehensive training schedule aimed at bakers of all levels. Baking Industry Training Australia is run by professionals who have the experience to navigate you through the apprenticeship process.

BITA is owned and operated as the training arm of the National Baking Industry Association which is a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation. That means all funds generated through training are re-invested directly back into the development of the baking industry. Our sponsors are hand-picked to ensure our apprentices receive exposure to the best ingredients, equipment, and machinery on the market while receiving advice and technical support from an approachable and friendly network of professionals.

For more information about BITA baking courses and training in Queensland and New South Wales please contact the Baking Industry Training Australia administration team via phone (07) 3899 6100 or email.