If you are looking for a baking course in NSW you have come to the right place. The Certificate III in Baking (FBP30521) qualification describes the skills and knowledge of a baker who bakes bread, cake, pastry, and biscuit products working in a commercial baking environment. To achieve this qualification, competency must be demonstrated in a total of 19 units – 15 core units plus four elective units. 

Those who participate in the Certificate III in Baking can expect to learn to knead, cut, mould, mix, shape, and bake dough and pastry while also preparing a variety of decorations and fillings for bread, cakes, and pastries. Other areas covered include kitchen safety and hygiene. BITA trainers also encourage experimentation with ingredients and recipes to develop interesting flavours and enhance basic skills. The following list is an example of what units covered in the Baking qualification:

  • Use food preparation equipment to prepare fillings
  • Produce laminated pastry products
  • Produce non-laminated pastry products
  • Produce basic bread products
  • Produce savoury bread products
  • Produce specialty flour bread products
  • Produce sponge cake products
  • Produce biscuit and cookie products
  • Produce cake and pudding products
  • Produce sweet yeast products
  • Schedule and produce bakery production
  • Produce basic artisan products
  • Implement the food safety program and procedure
  • Participate in OHS processes
  • Use numerical applications in the workplace
Baking Course in New South Wales
Baking Course in NSW

How to enrol in a certificate III in baking

To be eligible for enrolment in this baking course in NSW you need to gain employment at a bakery. The bakery must also have a trade qualified baker/pastrycook onsite.

Course cost

The Certificate III in Baking course in NSW is subsidised by the NSW Government as part of the Smart and Skilled program. More information about this can be found here.

Duration of Certificate iii in Baking

In New South Wales the Certificate III in Baking at BITA is delivered over four years using a flexible delivery model. This means apprentices learn on the job with assistance from their qualified trades person and regular visits from their assigned BITA trainer. Where training or assessment cannot be completed onsite in the bakery, the apprentice attends a block workshop at our fully equipped, top of the range training facility – located in Morningside, Queensland.

Future Opportunities

Those who complete a baking course in New South Wales such as the Certificate III in Baking will have on completion a broad selection of career paths open to them including but not limited to the following:

  • Pastry Chef in the professional kitchen of hotel, resort, restaurant, café etc.
  • Pâtissier in a patisserie or boulangerie
  • Pastrycook or baker in a bakery
  • Baker in a supermarket bakery
  • Baker in a manufacturing bakery
Qualification available at BITA in New South Wales

For more information about completing a baking course in NSW or the BITA Certificate III in Baking in Queensland please call (07) 3899 6100 or email bita.admin@nbia.org.au