Our Facility

The BITA training facility is a state-of-the-art professional kitchen located in Morningside, Queensland. The facility includes two commercial-grade kitchens, with state-of-the-art appliances and baking equipment, a board room, and a meeting room.

BITA in Queensland
Kitchen One: Bread Production
Baking Industry Training Australia Training Facility
Kitchen Two: Small Pastry and Bakery Kitchen

Our appliances and machinery are advanced, progressive and cutting-edge and provided by BITA Sponsors Vanrooy Machinery and Unox. We follow strict safety and hygiene standards which means that BITA apprentices are exposed to cleaning standards that are above and beyond industry-compliance.

The BITA training facility kitchens contain different types of equipment which means BITA apprentices are exposed to baking processes that may differ from their workplace. The following items are maintained in the BITA training facility:

  • 1 Tekno Stamap Pastry Sheeter
  • 4 x Tekno Stamap Planetary Mixer
  • 1 Salva 4 Deck Oven with steam and stone floor
  • 1 Merand Tregor PPR Dough Moulder
  • 1 Merand Atoupain D20 and Grid Divider
  • 1 Fortuna Bun Divider Rounder
  • 2 x Salva Single Door Retarder Prover
  • 2 x Small Bread Mixers
  • 4 x 40-quart Cake Mixers
  • Mockmill Flour Mill
  • 1 Microwave
  • 1 Dishwashing Machine
  • 1 Unox Rack Oven
  • 2 x Unox Convection Ovens (5 tray)
  • 1 Bench Top Pastry Sheeter
  • 1 Blast freezer
  • 1 Commercial Size Fridge (2 door)
  • 1 Commercial Size Freezer (2 door)
  • 1 Tall Storage Fridge
  • 1 Escher Spiral Maker

The kitchens and meeting rooms at the BITA training facility are available for hire when not being used for classes. If you are interested in hiring this facility or would like to learn more please visit this webpage and fill out the online form or contact the National Baking Industry Association on 1300 557 022 or via email nbia@nbia.org.au.