Streamlining BITA Apprentice Processes: Identifying an Adobe Acrobat Sign email and how to sign it?

Streamlining BITA Apprentice Processes

To make BITA apprentice processes easier the BITA Administration team are utilising digital electronic signature platform Adobe Acrobat Sign to enable on-the-go signing of forms and important documents in relation to your apprenticeship. To streamline the BITA Apprentice process, we have provided information below about what the email looks like and how to sign the document.

What is Adobe Acrobat Sign?

Adobe Acrobat Sign is a cloud-based platform that allows BITA to email and track a document that needs to be signed to BITA students and their employers. The file is received via email and can be opened on a phone, tablet, or computer using your web browser.

How to identify an Adobe Acrobat Sign email?

The document will always be emailed to the email address you have on file with BITA. Regardless which email provider platform you use we recommend saving the email address with the contact name of “Adobe Acrobat Sign on behalf of Mel Marquis” and in your address book. This will dramatically reduce the chance that the email will end up in your spam folder.

The email subject line will read Signature requested on “Student assessment for signing” with the contents of the email looking similar to the screenshot.

BITA Apprentice Processes
What the Adobe Acrobat Sign email looks like.

How to sign an Adobe Acrobat Sign document?

To sign the Adobe Acrobat Sign document follow these steps:

  1. Open the email and click on “REVIEW and SIGN”. The document will open in your browser and highlight fields that need to be completed in blue.
  2. There may be more than one field that needs to be completed:
    – Text fields will allow you to type words or letters in them.
    – Signature fields will open a pop up window and allow you to write your signature.
  3. Once you have completed all fields select the “FINISH” button followed by the “TAP TO SIGN” button.
  4. The document will automatically be sent back to BITA and you will receive an email saying you have signed the document.

We are always looking for ways to streamline BITA apprentice processes. We appreciate your feedback and ask that if you have any suggestions or questions about BITA apprentice processes to contact Mel Marquis via phone or email.