Baking Dreams into Reality: Sharing the Joys of a Baking Career

Sharing the Joys of a Baking Career

We are concious of the current shortage of qualified and unqualified bakers in the Australian baking industry. One of the many strategies we have employed here at Baking Industry Training Australia is to work with high-schools in Queensland and New South Wales to promote the baking career path and encourage the younger generation to develop their interest in baking into a passion.

Promoting the Baking Career path at Kings Christian College

We are attending a selection of career days and expos in both Queensland and New South Wales to provide information about a baking career, the qualifications offered by BITA, how to get a job in the industry, and the process for starting a school-based apprenticeship. Our main target audience for these events are year 10 to 12 students who aren’t looking to apply for university but would still like to pursue a tertiary qualification.

The BITA team have had many interesting conversations with students and their parents in relation to the baking career path. Questions asked include: “How do I get a baking job?”, “How much does a baker get paid?”, and “Do I have to work at night?”

This year we have registered to attend the Kings Christian College Careers Night, Ripley Valley Carees Expo, Hunters Hill High School Careers Day, Nowra High School Careers Day, Breamer State High Career Day, St Thomas More College Careers Night, and the REIP Training Services Careers Day to name a few. We will also be attending the Careers and Employment Expo in Sydney and the Migrant Job Fair & Business Expo on the Sunshine Coast. This is a short list of events we are attending follow us on Facebook or Instagram for regular updates.

If you are keen to employ a school-based apprentice and would like more information about the process please contact us via phone on (07) 3899 6100 or email the BITA admin team.

Or, if you are interested in having the BITA team attend your schools career event please complete this form and we will be in touch to let you know of our availability.